What is love? 

Most people when they hear this word they immediately think of a couple. Two people that love each other. But love is so much more than that.

Love is more than that feeling that you have when you see your partner. It is more than beeing there whenerver the other need. It is more than forgive each other.

Love can be shared with everyone and at all moments.

Love is listening to the other person, to not interrupt him/her. It is to understand the other  and to not be judgemental. Make an effort to compreehend their point of view.

Love is to not judge people for their race, colour, religion or any other aspect.

But love is not just between people.

We should love our planet, this beautiful place full of trees, big oceans and so many different life forms that live in this ecosystem with us.

We should love the animals, the  earth and the oceans and we should all be grateful for what we have and love them even more.

I love my family, my friends and all the people that made me the person that i am today.

I love to just go outside and see the children playing and laughting and their grandparents watching   them and felling happy but nostalgic remebering those times when they were kids. Seeing this makes me see that everybody is living their unique lifes full of great and bad moments and makes me see how beautiful life is.

I love my life and i love the fact that i had the change to live in this beautiful world that we unfortunately made it worse but i have faith that one day everything will be better. And i just need to be grateful for what i have and fight for what i don’t have because everything is possible.

And you? What do you love?


We are a virus to the planet

Humans. We are considered the most intelligent specie in the world, yet we are the worst.

We judge, we kill, we steal,we pollute, we destroy.
In the past we thought the planet earth was in the centre of the universe but now we believe men is in the centre of the planet.

Because of factories, animal production and all the other gases and toxic chemicals that we emit we are destroying our planet.
It is thought that every day 150 species are extinct ( of course we are not sure because we are not certain of how many species there are in the world). 

And it isn´t just this that is wrong with us.

For every ten humans that die, 47,560 animals will be killed at the same time for human consumption. Over 150 billion animals will be slaughtered this year which equates to about 500 million animals a day.

The cruelty doesn’t end here, In China and many places around the world, animals are killed, tortured or skinned alive for their fur, with them getting electrocuted to death,
having their skin peeled off and being dumped on piles of skinned bodies, while still alive.
This happens millions of times a year and is so cruel that it can take these skinned animals hours to die, leaving them suffering for all that time. This is used to help make those fur coats which people wear and with tens of millions being killed a year, it’s one of the cruellest things which humans do to animals.

We also cause suffer to other people

We create wars because of money and power.
We don´t respect other cultures.
We judge people on their skin colour, sexuality, race and gender.

In the last post i said that it would be better if we lived life the way people lived in the beggining and these are just some of the reasons why i think this way.
But i believe we still have time, it will be a big journey but we can if we want

The change begins with you.
Dont´t waste, recycle, try to eat less meat, be a good person, don´t insult other people, be caring, Love people and the animals.
we are just one and if you dont treat well others you are not treating yourself right.
I am not perfect, i don´t do everything right but i know i can be better every day and you can too. So Start now, make the difference.

If you want more information here are some documentaries about:

how animals are treated in slaughterhouses:

the effects of meat production in the environment:

also  i have here a 5 minute video about the fur industry:

i don´t want in any way to insult you or your way of living. I still eat meat but i am trying to reduce the quantities. I still live with my parents and since they are the people that pay everything and cook is difficult to change quikly. I know that every situation is different so changes could be easier or more difficult.
I just can´t be silent. informing people is the first step for change and if this makes someone change even if it is just on person i will be happy.