life before everything

A long time ago life for people was easy, like any other animal alive.
We knew how to feel the wind that went through  our bodies, we knew how to relax and see the world.

We changed a paradise to something similar to hell with wars, works that people don´t enjoy and things that were put on our minds like… religion.  Even if you are religious  you have to agree that  it caused a lot of wars. A lot of people died because of that. Every religion wants the same and that is love, that everybody loves each other. unfortunatelly it seems that most of people don´t see that and it is sad. Of course we are not all good people so they invented church …  So they could take advantage from  people  who believed in god  ( i am not saying that religion Is a bad thing, it isn’t, you believe in whatever you want. Religion is one thing church is another).

With this i want to say that humans always had and they will continue to have this instinct to have more at all costs and we can`t do anything about it. If we have a tent, we want a house, if we have a house we want a mansion…
And we do so many bad things to accomplish what we want. We kill animals, we destroy the health of  the planet and we even destroy entire countries just because we want to be better than others.

A long time ago…Everything was simple. We were born, had children ( a lot of them) at 16 and then we died at 30/40 but we knew how to live, intensely. we did what we wanted to do.

We knew how to appreciate this gift called life, we apreciated simple gestures of affection and we knew how wonderful  this world was.