Live your dreams

I know i am a teenager and you probably think that i don´t know anything about life but some things that you, the adults, say don´t make a lot of sence.

You always told me to dream and that the sky was the limit but when it comes to jobs and careers it seems that you don´t keep this idea.

You say that i should do what i like and believe that i CAN do what i want but when i say that i want to win money being a creative person (whether is painting, writing or designing ) adults always say ” don´t do that, get a real job”


is a real job a job that you don´t enjoy?

a job that makes you hate mondays?

a job to work from 8 to 5?

a job just to earn money?

a job that makes you unhappy and miserable?

That is not my idea of a REAL JOB

It doesn´t make sence to study something that you DON´T like, to work  in something that you DON`T want, for when you retire you could finally enjoy life. but that  will be too late. you are going to be old and you are going to feel sad that you wasted your life.

and maybe you will not even get that far in life. maybe you will die young. we never know.

When you do something that you like you WILL be good at it. work hard and eventually the world will recognize your effort and you will be happy in life.

Enjoy the present because that is the only thing that you have and you don´t know if the future will exist. Life doesn´t make sence if you are not enjoying it.





6 thoughts on “Live your dreams

  1. I am far from being a teenager, I can still remember having this same argument with my folks. It got so intense that when I turned 18 I had to move out and find my own way. Many years have pasted since those early encounters. I can honestly say my ideals have not changed, but I have learned two important things. One a starving artist will do any kind of work to get money for food. Even digging ditches. And two were before there was no reasoning with my folks . I understand them more so now. Taking the time to see why they were the way they were. They grew up during the depression. This was a time I the US. were no one had anything . No jobs, not enough to eat, my folks grew up poor. Their hard work was how they survived. So when they started making their family the hard work didn’t stop dad went to night school , worked a day job, and managed the apartments we lived in . Mom worked full time at the bank . And why you ask? To make a better life for his family . And they did a pretty good job of it I must say. I understand their motives and although not always agree on the ideology they did manage to instill a strong work ethic within me. When I turned 15 I lied about my age and got a job in a car wash I wanted those things a teenager wanted. A car , new clothes, records. I must say I was the first one of all my friends to buy my own car.. I have had money and I have had things. And there have been times when I have had nothing . Guess what I am still me and that creative energy is very much alive within me. To be honest it hasn’t always been easy. And I have made my share of mistakes, but I am true to myself. I M where I should be in my life’s journey. We are living in the best of times. The Internet has opened up so many opportunities for me that were not possible for me before. I am able to see see my words on the page and I am able to share it freely at the touch of a button. My passion is to write and what I write will be read… And that there will come an end to all this hate and violence and we will find the love, peace, joy and freedom we are destined to enjoy. And I will stop now. Sorry if I am so long winded I get a pen and paper in hand or more so these days, a keyboard and I don’t know when to stop. nick Oh by the way you are on the right track . Keep pushing forward and don’t be discouraged. Step by step we walk this path, our life journey together and alone.😎👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻️


    • Thank You so much for your comment. I appreciate the fact That you took time to write This comment. I completely understand That my parents and other adults had to work really hard in order to survive but things are different now. As you said Internet gives us tools to be recognized and it is easier to be an artist now than ever before. I know That it will not be always easy but i Need to follow my passion. My parents accept my choices but a lot of people still think That i am going to live under a bridge but i have to trust myself and believe That i am going to have a good future. Again thank you for sharing your story. I wish you the best of luck


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